Mayo Clinic Summer III 2014

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    Just wondering if any nursing students on here applied to the Mayo Clinic Summer III externship in Rochester, Minnesota this summer? I am anxiously awaiting the acceptance/rejection email! It would be great to know if there's anyone else in the same boat!
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    I'm not but I wanted to wish you good luck! I have such respect for Mayo, being a native Minnesotan and all Who knows, maybe I'll be in your shoes in a few years
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    I'm here waiting too . . . no pressure, no pressure. Eek! Hope you make it! Let us know when you hear.
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    Patiently waiting as well... anybody heard any updates? All I know is that they are probably sending letters/emails this week! I'm so anxious.
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    I am waiting as well
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    I was a Summer III last year and had an amazing time! Good luck to you all!
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    Just got the email offering a position for the summer III program this summer!!! Can't wait!
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    I got a position for the summer too!! So excited to meet you all!
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    I just got my confirmation letter too, I'm so excited!
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    Has anyone else had trouble opening the "Criminal History" link in the email? Mine isn't working!!