Mayo Clinic Summer III 2014

  1. Just wondering if any nursing students on here applied to the Mayo Clinic Summer III externship in Rochester, Minnesota this summer? I am anxiously awaiting the acceptance/rejection email! It would be great to know if there's anyone else in the same boat!
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  3. by   goldenanchor
    I'm not but I wanted to wish you good luck! I have such respect for Mayo, being a native Minnesotan and all Who knows, maybe I'll be in your shoes in a few years
  4. by   goldie1618
    I'm here waiting too . . . no pressure, no pressure. Eek! Hope you make it! Let us know when you hear.
  5. by   pams155
    Patiently waiting as well... anybody heard any updates? All I know is that they are probably sending letters/emails this week! I'm so anxious.
  6. by   magnolia50
    I am waiting as well
  7. by   labornursemeghan
    I was a Summer III last year and had an amazing time! Good luck to you all!
  8. by   AbiRouw
    Just got the email offering a position for the summer III program this summer!!! Can't wait!
  9. by   morganconlon17
    I got a position for the summer too!! So excited to meet you all!
  10. by   pocohontas
    I just got my confirmation letter too, I'm so excited!
  11. by   pocohontas
    Has anyone else had trouble opening the "Criminal History" link in the email? Mine isn't working!!
  12. by   VUstud
    I could not get the criminal history link to open either but I did send them an email stating I tried
  13. by   abbykat92
    I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Facebook page made for this summer's group that you all can join! It's called Mayo Clinic Summer III 2014
  14. by   pocohontas
    I think the facebook page is private!