Mayo Clinic Summer III 2012 - page 10

hello all! i just thought it'd be neat to start a thread for those who applied for mayo's summer iii program for 2012. i applied during the middle of december and am anxiously waiting for my letter... Read More

  1. by   CLTnurse13
    @sunnycalifornia My status says "Interview" as well, so I called Brandy, Latasha's assistant today, and she said that they mailed my acceptance package Wednesday afternoon. She said I would receive it tomorrow or Monday. So I think that everyone who has a status of "interview" was accepted.

    @coonkine Sweet! Thanks for creating it and adding me to the group!
  2. by   bohl9245
    Has anybody received a packet in the mail?
  3. by   ibelieve2911
    Does anyone know if they are doing a wait list?
    I also have "interview" under my job status, does that mean officially in?
  4. by   rvaRN730
    I think that everyone who has "Interview" is accepted, and my guess would be that some of the "Application in Review" people might get a letter soon seeing if they want to be on the wait list. Mine says "Interview," but I haven't gotten my packet just yet. They sent them on Wednesday I believe, and I live in Virginia, so I will most likely get it in the mail today! Yay! Congrats to everyone who got in!
  5. by   sunnycalifornia
    I'm in Maryland so I really hope I get mine today too! The anticipation of the "official" letter is distracting me from studying! :spin:
  6. by   ibelieve2911
    I totally agree with the anticipation! The "interview" has gotten my nerves going for the official confirmation! I have a tennis match today and last night i couldn't fall asleep until 2:30 and was up at 8 totally awake! haha I told my parents to call me right when something came in the mail even if i was in the middle of my match! I just have to know!
  7. by   sunnycalifornia
    ibelieve2911- too funny. I hope this added energy helps you win your match!!
  8. by   basktballplyr1
    Anybody receive their packets yet? I'm in WI and have yet to get it, a little anxious to say the least.
  9. by   rvaRN730
    Still nothing yet! I'm down in VA though, so maybe tomorrow!
  10. by   ibelieve2911
    I'm in Minnesota! And nothing yet so close to the Mayo!
  11. by   sunnycalifornia
    So strange. Maybe it's a really, really big package and is going at media mail rate Hoping for today!
  12. by   CLTnurse13
    I just called again today, and she said we should be getting it any day now...
  13. by   sunnycalifornia
    Well, hope you all get it soon! I received sad news today that I'm an alternate, but congrats to those who got in!