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Hello everyone! I wanted to start a post for anyone interested in the University of Minnesota's Master of Nursing program, 2017 cohort. I just submitted my application and wanted to have a space... Read More

  1. by   kme77
    Ampharos, again thank you SO MUCH for the information! It's extremely helpful - even though maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, since we haven't even gotten to the application deadline yet, haha. If I make it into the program, I'm hoping to work a bit to help mediate the financial pressure. I'm really glad to know that it's possible.

    Bee55881, any updates on your application? I'm still waiting for my last transcript with fall semester grades to be processed...due to a series of problems, I ended up overnighting it on Friday, and it hasn't appeared in my application yet. I'm checking NursingCAS like every hour, just hoping it's processed SOON so they can start verifying. So stressful!
  2. by   Jasmirsh
    I am also applying as well. Thank you everyone for all the helpful information! I agree that the application process was very stressful but glad to know we have a little bit of a grace period after the 15th. I submitted a transcript request on 11/30 and it still has not been verified by the NursingCAS. I am still working on my essay which is just adding to more stress!!!! Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   Bee55881
    Kme77, still not verified in NursingCAS yet. I also called admissions just to touch base and make myself known so that they are up to speed on my unverified status. I received similar information, and the woman I spoke with even told me that after the 7-10 day grace period is over, admissions will work with the applicant and NursingCAS to determine the issues. I guess it is no guarantee, but at least they are willing to work with us on this process!

    Jasmirsh, so glad you joined the conversation! We are all anxious, but I'm hoping for the best! If I read the directions correctly, I believe the application has to be e-submitted in order for verification to begin. I would give NursingCAS a call or even the university so that they can check your status or provide some support.

    Im crossing my fingers for all of us, and hoping we all get some answers soon. I'm on day 8 of verification, and their website states that the process should take 10-12 business days once transcripts are fully uploaded and processed, so hopefully this Friday is my lucky day!

    Sending you all the best wishes! Keep sending in updates! Good to know we are all in this together
  4. by   kme77
    Good luck to everyone! And thanks for passing along the information that they may be willing to work with us after the grace period. That was really a relief to hear today, as my transcript still isn't posted. If it doesn't show up tomorrow, I'm going to give NursingCAS and admissions a call. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  5. by   Bee55881
    Hi everyone!!!!! GREAT NEWS: my application was officially verified yesterday afternoon, coincidentally only 30 mins after I called NursingCAS to ask where my verification was at in the whole process. It officially took NursingCAS 9 business days to verify my application and to complete the verification process. I hope this is helpful in sharing and hope that your applications are also verified this week if they haven't been already!

    Anyone else have any updates going on? Kme77, has your transcript been processed?

    Jasmirsh, how is your essay coming?
  6. by   kme77
    Congratulations! That's great news. My final transcript was finally processed yesterday, and my application is verifying. I really, really hope there are no more problems, and that everything is able to be accepted. Thanks for letting us know how long it took for yours to be completed!

    Just out of curiosity, for everyone who has been commenting so far, why did you choose to apply to UMN? Are you/did you apply to many other schools as well?
  7. by   Jasmirsh
    It's coming.....just worried about rambling in the essay and not fully getting my point across. I am hoping my essay will help boost my application a bit.

    Kme77, I applied to the UMN because I know many people who have gone through the program and really loved it. I also want to get my master's so I can move on to the DNP program. I work at M health/Fairview as well so my #1 choice was to go to the U.

    The only other school I considered that offers a master's was St. Kate's. I know someone that is currently in the program and he said it seems a bit unorganized(I think they recently changed the program). I am not a big fan of the evening/weekend classes because I feel my focus is better when I am a full time student.

    I might apply but my heart is invested in getting into the UMN program. As much as I do not want to prolong getting started, I have thought about applying again next year if I do not get in this round.
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  8. by   Bee55881
    Quote from kme77

    Just out of curiosity, for everyone who has been commenting so far, why did you choose to apply to UMN? Are you/did you apply to many other schools as well?
    The program at the U is the only application I've put in, and the only place I'm planning on applying to. I've researched all the programs in Minnesota and because of the length, degree type, scholarship opportunities, and credits toward a DNP that it offers, I am completely sold on UMN. I love that it is only 4 semesters!

    How about you??
  9. by   kme77
    This is my only application, too. I grew up in the Midwest but am currently living in Hawaii. After a major personal experience with the medical field (my 16 month old was born with medical issues and died this past summer) I decided to make a career change, and wanted to move closer to family. After looking into cities and programs somewhat near my family, I decided that UMN looked perfect. So I tailored my prereqs this semester to be ready for this application. It was intense...5 prereqs in one semester! I'm glad to hear that this program has a good reputation to people who live in the area. I have some family working in the medical field in the Minneapolis area, but it's definitely hard to know what the school and area are really like, being so far away.
  10. by   Bee55881
    kme77, thank you so much for sharing a personal part of your story here <3 I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. I think your personal experience with the medical field in such a deep meaningful way will make you the most incredible nurse. What are you hoping to specialize in?

    I am really excited for all of us and hope that we get accepted to this cohort. I am Minnesota born and raised, went out of state for college and lived in Peru for 2 years serving in the Peace Corps and am now back in Minneapolis working in social services. Im not sure how much you've gathered from family working in the area but please do not hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you might have about the area or any other details! I've got a decent pulse on the cities and would always offer to share what I love so much about living here.

    As far as reputation goes, UMN nursing is the best option in the state if you are looking to specialize in upper level nursing, and also has a reputation for having good networking connections to post graduate jobs. (Only slightly biased but I've done so much research). And DANG, 5 prerequisites?! You're an all star for taking that on! Nursing school will be a piece of cake

    Keep me updated with your verification!
  11. by   kme77
    Bee55881, thank you so much for the kind words. Because of my experience with my son, I'm hoping to work in some capacity with pediatric patients with congenital heart defects. My son had a complex heart defect, but did amazingly until his second open heart surgery. After the surgery, there was an extremely rare complication, and he very unexpectedly didn't make it through. I am really interested in working in a CV PICU setting, although I know that this desire is colored by my experience, so I'm trying to stay open-minded. What are you hoping to specialize in?

    And thank you for offering information about Minneapolis! If I'm accepted, I will definitely take you up on it. I've heard so many people say that they absolutely LOVE living in Minneapolis, and it seems like a great city. My husband is super into biking, so he's very excited about the park system and trails. I am not so excited about the weather. Even though we lived in Chicago for ten years (I went to school there), we have been in CA and HI for the past three, and I think I've lost my tolerance for cold. Sometimes, when I'm walking around my neighborhood, in flip flops, in January, I think, What am I doing???!!! Moving from the warmest city in the US to basically the coldest??? I guess I'll just have to soak it up while I can!
  12. by   kme77
    Well, I have a frustrating NursingCAS update. My application was rejected today, as they said they need a transcript from a study abroad program I did in 1997, which I thought was covered by my BA transcript (the credits and grades are listed there). In twenty years and two other graduate degrees, I've never been asked for a transcript for this! The school that the study abroad program was through couldn't even find my record for half of the day. Now I'm back to square one - trying to get this transcript sent as soon as possible, but it will have to be mailed, processed, and then verification will restart. I have a terrible feeling that this is going to invalidate my application.
  13. by   Metzl034
    Hi guys, still waiting to hear back on interviews.... called today and they haven't sent them out yet.

    I went to UMN for undergrad and the U is my top choice for grad school, though I've applied to four other schools. I'll be happy to be accepted anywhere, but am REALLY hoping for acceptance at the U. I've had interviews already for three other schools (one doesn't have interviews) and will being hearing back from schools starting March 3rd. UMN needs to hurry up, it's killing me waiting!!