Maple Grove Hospital

  1. 0 Does anyone work or know anyone that works at the new hospital in Maple Grove? They always have tons of openings for nurses and it looked like they did even when other hospitals didn't have many openings.

    Is it a good place to work? I know they're non-union and from what I've heard about unions that isn't a horrible thing!?!?

    Just curious if anyone has any feedback on the hospital...thanks!
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    I do not work there but I have a relative that works there as a HUC (I don't think they call them that there though). She says she really likes it there. She's also hinted at me that since they are so new it might be a great place to be able to move up the ladder fairly quickly. If your looking to be somewhere for a while that is. Like I said though I don't work there. It's just what I've heard.

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