LPN jobs & long term care?

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    Looks like we may be heading that way soon. In San Diego now. Just passed the lpn nclex here. Looking to work in LTC. Can anyone give me a ballpark for hourly wages? LPNS here in CA with no experience start out at about $18-20/hr. Also, is it hard to get hired up there as an LPN? It's very hard down here as there are so many lpn programs here. Very over saturated.
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    I'm not an expert on this, but I'll let you know what I know since no one else has answered yet.
    From what I can tell is LPN's up here generally work in LTC. There are not many hospital jobs for LPNs. The wage for LPNs in our facility is $14-$16 an hour. I live a little bit south of the metro. The RNs at the LTC unit I work at start at $20-$22 an hour. My mom is an RN and works at the U of MN, I've heard the same thing from her, most hospitals hire RNs now. That's the small amount of info that I know... Good luck!
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    Thanks. Exactly what I expected.
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    I have worked in LTC as LPN and my first job I when I only had CNA/TMA expirence I made 18.25/hr on pms in a smaller town then trasfered to a LTC near Minneapolis and made 19.25/hr on day shift. Most recently I have been working as a charge nurse on noc shift and make 21.25/hr. It is somewhat challenging to find work but I have found the best results via craigslists, indeed.com/careerbuilder.com and just cold calling places(many positions open at various times and are not online as quickly as one would hope)
    Best of luck to you!
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    I have found golden living to be a good company.I submit online resumes but also call the places I want to work at(some also except in person applications) and find out what hours I should go in to fill out the application and have occasionally gotten to speak with someone in staffing and be reffered to a recuriter. Extendicare is another company I have worked for, they have locals all around mn.

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