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I work at a large twin cities area hospital, and was hired over the summer. They are now in a hiring freeze, and I know other hospitals here are as well. There are so many nurses that the MNA and hospital is asking if people... Read More

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    Here's some spot of good news:

    Mayo Clinic will actually be giving employees raises!

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    My hairdresser has a daughter who works as an RN at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis. I heard today that Fairview has cut her hours back from 40 hours/week to 32hours/week. I was not able to find out how many nurses were cut back or what nursing areas are involved. The daughter is a staff R.N.-her mother did not know what type of unit she works on.

    Hopefully things will turn around soon-

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    Quote from RNentrepreneur
    Why are the hospital census so low? It isn't as if people don't get sick or get in accidents when the economy is down. Does any one know what is causing the census to drop?
    Consider also that health insurance sucks, and many people just flat out don't have it, so they're deterred from getting the help they need. And of course it's like dominoes: lose job--> lose bennies/income-->no health bennies/income=no money for help.
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    North Memorial laid off a bunch of RNs yesterday, including some of my nursing school friends... last to be hired, first to go. I feel so badly for them, some had worked there for years prior in other positions so they would get hired as RNs once done with school. I feel incredibly fortunate to still have a job (for now), and promised myself to never complain about it again. At least I have one.
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    When did your nursing school friends start work at North Memorial? I am worried about my job. I work at a different hospital.
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    They were hired this past spring/summer, as new grads.
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    I was laid off from North, actually I was bumped because ED didn't cut positions so RN's from other units were allowed to bump in, ED trained or not I guess. Got to love the fricken Union.
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    Preaching to the choir, but here's an interesting article from yesterday's Star Tribune, where someone finallly addresses how hard the recession is hitting the healthcare industry, particularly nurses:

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    But I said this earlier, I economic crisis usually don't last forever. But what went up must come down, it is a historical fact. There are quite a few areas that needed to be cut, but there are other markets emerging. I think the Green Market will have a huge boost.
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    I saw that article as well, and was glad to see the issue getting some public attention, and that they put some real faces to it instead of just talking about it. Even last year, it was tough for many people (including myself) to get jobs (hospital jobs, at least), and the teachers at my school never addressed that... they just assured us that if we were having trouble finding a job, that in the fall things would pick up... unfortunately, that's when the layoffs and hiring freezes began. Oh, and I also remembering one of them saying in May, before graduation, that "everyone that wants a job now has one already," which was, I'm sorry, a big lie. Truth is, quite a few of us had been searching since winter/spring, and hadn't gotten anything yet. The healthcare industry downturn was beginning, but didn't hit full force till a few months later. There was an elephant in the room that my teachers were refusing to discuss, but now they won't have a choice because the main subject of the article graduated with me. I really wish that our instructors had been more honest with us last year, and had been willing to discuss the difficulties their students were having. It wasn't their fault we couldn't find jobs, but it would have been nice if they had acknowledged that fact.

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