Job Market- Opinions please

  1. Okay all you currently employed RNs- give me the straight scoop on jobs
    Currently I'm set to graduate in May from St Kate's with and ADN in nursing- I also have a BA in women's studies.
    I've racked up so much debt I'm extremely anxious to just get a job, ANY job next summer and just get going!
    Of course I would love a hospital job, but really I just want real experience so I'll got to LTC, WHATEVER....

    So what is the current insiders view of job availaibility? Am I being foolishly optimistic to think there may be lots more job openings for new grads by next spring?????
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  3. by   DestinedRN09
    I would advise you to try to volunteer at a hospital or get a job as a nurse tech or CNA while u are in school, also get reference letters from clinical instructors or even look at the clinical sites you visited during school and talk to the nursing recruiters to get your name out there to get a head start on your class. I can only hope and pray that its better for others in the future. But each circumstance is different, here in MN I'd say the hospitals are losing money therefore they have to cut employed nurses and not hire anymore. In southern states, they are very saturated with nursing schools so they simply dont have enough slots to fill the demand. But this advice should give you a leg up on the competition, good luck!