Interview at Fairview Ridges on Monday!!!!! Interview at Fairview Ridges on Monday!!!!! | allnurses

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Interview at Fairview Ridges on Monday!!!!!

  1. 0 Hi Everyone! So I am a new lpn grad, passed my boards in January, and I am dying to work at Fairview Ridges! I have applied for every single position that has come up there, and I FINALLY got a phone call today to come in for an interview. I am interviewing with the hiring nurse manager on the 5th floor, which is oncology/women's health. My friend that I graduated with got a job on that floor and gave me some good tips, but I want more!! Anyone know of any questions they might ask? I am terrible with answering questions that they come up with, and I don't want to look/sound like a dope!!! Any advice is much appreciated!! i am sooooo nervous!!!!!
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    How did it go?! Either way, congrats on landing an interview! Right now that alone is a huge accomplishment.
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    I feel like it went really well! The nurse manager complimented me on a lot of the answers I gave, was very informative in telling me about the job, was very friendly, etc. I gave her a thank you card and told her I hoped to hear from her soon and she said "don't worry, you will!" Eeek! She has some more interviews this week, and I wont hear anything until mid to late next thats a bummer! But Im going to stay positive and try to carry on with my life and not let myself think about it TOO much! i have everything crossed right now! I want it SO BAD!!
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    Have you heard anything yet?? Good luck!

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