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HHA working as LPN?

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    Question for you nurses out there: Can a HHA fill in for a LPN?
    I work in a Class F facility (assisted living/memory care) in Minnesota, and we have been shown how to pass meds. I'm comfortable with that. I have no license or education. was trained on the job. Anyways... Just recently I was asked to fill in the LPN shift. I said I didn't feel comfortable and the executive director of the building-not the RN said to me, "Well you have been trained to pass meds" my response was that I didn't feel comfortable with the other responsibilities of the Lpn, and I don't know the tenants' normal blood pressures, how to fax the dr., order meds..etc. She continued to tell me that this time i was excused but from now on it is mandated that the HHA'S fill in for LPN'S when needed. and also sence we are a class f facility that no staff is allowed to practice their license and must always call 911. well I would hate to call 911 if not neccesary. I'm assuming all would be ok because of the new adult vunalbility act-that the Rn must be on call at all times-but there's those certain occasions she doesn't answer. if i was trained in to be the LPn i would feel more comfortable-but then why even hire LPN's???? Is this right? I chked the rules on the board of nursing website and a RN can train unlicensed hha to pass self administered meds-but to be a lpn?? and not get the wage of an lpn.
    input would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Personally I would say no. As a nonlicensed person this has the potential for real heartache for you.

    As a TMA It is my understanding that you are under the direct supervision of a licensed person. Asking you to practice practical nursing without a license is not acceptable behavior by your supervisor.

    I would call the BON for clarification of the rules.

    We cannot offer legal advice for TOS reasons. Closing thread for moderator review.