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  1. 0 Hello everyone! I am starting my pre reqs this fall, hoping to get into the fall 2015 nursing program at ARCC. Anyone else? I was wondering when to take the TEAS test, I was told to do the pre reqs first as a lot of that is covered on the test. I want to make sure that I have enough time to take it again, in case I don't do well. It's a tight time line, considering applications are due Feb 1!
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    Sign up for the TEAS early! When I tried to sign up, no spots were left for the earlier dates, so I was unable to take it twice.
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    Will do! I've been checking the site but they haven't posted any dates yet. I'm thinking they will be posted soon!
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    Remember that you have to finish all the prerequisite courses by the end of Fall 2014 to apply for the Fall 2015 nursing program. It won't work if you are still taking the prerequisites during spring. In other words, you have to take 15 credits of the the first semester generals. If you do that and take your TEAS exam, you'll be ready to apply.

    I wish you good luck!
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    Yes! I'm taking the 15 credits this fall and will probably do the TEAS in December. I am ready to get going. I've been an LPN for five years (even though the plan was to get my RN directly after lol). Thanks!
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    I am also hoping to start the nursing in Fall 2015. I will graduate with my AA from Anoka Ramsey in Spring 2015. I will have all my prereqs done for semester 1 (actually already have them done but am retaking General Psych for a higher grade to bring up my GPA to a 3.0). Who do you have for teachers this fall? There are a couple you should definitely avoid, lol. let me know if you want help with that. I am taking Gen Psych, A & P and Drugs, Alchohol & Tobacco, along with Intro to Art this Fall. I had to take A&P at Cambridge because otherwise I would have to go 5 days a week which doesn't work well with kids and work. At Cambridge you take lecture and lab all in the same time block which works better for me.
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    I wondered if we take them at Anoka Tech now that the two schools have merged? I'm going to the info meeting on July 15, so I will ask then. They have Anoka tech dates posted for now through December.
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    Hey! I am taking principles of bio with Jennifer Braido, and the lab doesn't have a teacher assigned yet. Maybe I should check out the cambridge campus to see if I can do the lecture/lab together? I'm also taking the chemistry in society with Neil Pelosaari. General psych with Frances beiganek, and college writing with Jennifer Hutchins. They are all hybrid or online except chemistry! I have kids as well, and work part time!

    I saw the TEAS dates for Anoka Tech, but it said LPN, so I wasn't sure if that was the same test or not. I didn't know that the 2 schools merged! Makes sense though. I'm also going to the information meeting on the 15th, on the Cambridge campus. What about you?