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CNA jobs in Twin Cities?

  1. 0 I'm thinking of getting my CNA while I do the nursing school route. Do you know of any good assisted living facilities or nursing homes that would hire someone with no experience in the twin cities area? I was considering home health care,too but it sounds like it involves more housekeeping and daily errands versus healthcare. Is that true? I would like to be a CNA at a hospital but it sounds like it's impossible to get in without experience.

    Also, do home health and assisted living facilities reimburse CNA classes or is it just nursing homes?

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    Hi, I *think* it is just nursing homes that reimburse.
    I know Guardian Angels in Elk River puts on their own CNA Class & hire you after that.
    Yes, hospitals are hard to get into and usually require experience. Good luck to you!
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    I work at White Pine Senior (assisted) Living in Inver Grove Heights. I became a CNA May 2008, then became a stay at home mom until Dec 2009. They hired me with no experience and they also hire people without their CNA & help pay for their schooling to get it.
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    Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely look into it!
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    [font="century gothic"]hi im unsure where you are located. but mary t group homes are great! i currently work for them they are all around the metro. but mainly in coon rapids,mn or acr homes is a good one also. i work for two different ones..... oh also volunteering helps!

    good luck!

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