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  1. 0 I don't usually post these kinds of threads, never know unless you ask, right?

    I want to work in the world of labor and delivery, mom-baby, or NICU. My long term goal is to either be a Nurse-Midwife, or Neonatal NP. I know- big talk. I've been an RN working on a tele unit for 10 months now, and I've floated darned near everywhere, from ICU stepdown/progressive care, to burn, to trauma to straight cardiac. In my facility we can't float to L&D or Postpartum or NICU because they're "closed units".

    My question is: which hospitals have a good reputation for offering a positive environment for nurses? Which facilities are most encouraging toward their staff? I realize that the kind of environment I'm describing probably doesn't have a lot of turnover- but it's nice to get an idea, right?
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    from my one day observational experience in the Mayo L&D unit, that place would be AWESOME to work at, but as a male, I probably don't have a chance. Reasons I liked that floor: Doctors were around a lot- made me feel like I could consult someone with more knowledge than myself at any given moment, it was a 1 to 1.- I'm sure some mothers can be very demanding of their nurse but on my particular day the nurse had it pretty easy, everyone was very good at what they do which (i believe) makes you perform to a higher level. hope this helps!

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