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I'm throwing my pride aside and asking, no BEGGING that any employed veteran nurses out there help me out with jobs. I just passed NCLEX, have an ADN from St. Kate's with a very good GPA, and a B.A from the same school. I am... Read More

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    MVAMC is not a huge hospital, so a lot of our specialties are combined. Here is a quick rundown:

    MICU (small)
    SICU (small-all surgical specialties)
    stepdown (multispecialty mid-level acuity unit)
    surgical ward (multispecialty, has tele beds)
    medical ward (some tele beds)
    polytrauma (mostly new war vets)
    spinal cord injury (some vent beds)

    there are also some LTC/skilled nursing beds -- 3 units of this on the first floor. One of those 3 is hospice focused.

    And then of course, there is the OR, the PACU, the observation/short stay units (2), the ER, and all the clinics (multiple), the radiology suites, the cath lab, the endoscopy suites....

    I am not sure who specifically is hiring but I think that the nurse recruiter could fill you in on what is open.
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    thank you again for the info- I guess in light of this I will keep my interest in oncology on my resume, along with my other interests as it sounds as though a lot of my iareas I would like to work in would be met from their general med floors.
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    I have been volunteering at my favorite hospital for a couple months. I mentioned to the charge nurse in my unite that i would love to eventually work at for them and a week later I got a call from HR asking if I wanted a job as an on-call CNA (I'm not yet an RN). The job they offered me was not even posted on their website. If the VA doesn't go through, I would recommend volunteering somewhere. I was amazed at how quickly and easily I made connections while volunteering.
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    Im working, but I like this site which is sort of a clearing house for all job posting. You can set up to get an email daily with new RN posts.

    NOt alot of people know of this website. Its for MN nonprofit job openings, including nursing..
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    Rumor has it that healtheast is going to start opening up positions for new grads now that the contract has been settled. I know there are a lot of job openings for RNs posted, I just haven't heard anything from management yet about hiring new grads.
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