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Any outstanding new grad programs?

  1. 0 Just wondering if any Minnesota nurses out there can tell me about their hospital's new grad orientation programs...
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    Did you have any luck, I am looking for the same thing!
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    Check out Mayo in Rochester. I was a new grad there many years ao and I felt well prepared. It is a good place to work.
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    Great minds think alike, I just got off the phone with them. They do not have any "new grad programs" but they do do a 3 month orientation. Not many "new grad" jobs there with no experience though. I will keep trying.
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    I am an RN at St. Cloud Hospital and feel they have a very good new grad program. It is one year long. I had I think about 6 weeks w/ a preceptor, that varies depending on unit though I'm sure and then 5 -6 times throughout the year, the new grads got together in small groups and had an education day (different areas gave presentations and we got to vent, express our concerns, fears etc in a setting where we were all in the same boat).

    You can check it out on the website (sorry I can't remember the precise link but it's not too hard to navigate the site).
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    sankeetRN I have been trying to get into the new grad residency program at SCH since April. I was told that they prefer BSNs over ASN and I am an ASN. Do you have any suggestions how I can get them to consider me for the Fall start? I prefer not to relocate at this time so SCH would be ideal for me as SC is my hometown . . . . .

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