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Sooo, after 6 years of living in the Cheese State, I'm moving back home to St. Paul. Gotta few questions from you locals :) -Ideas on where I can get a job as a new grad? It's been 2 months... Read More

  1. by   LuckyRookie
    I'm a new grad from Illinois and have meant to share my experience of moving to Minnesota and applying for NCLEX and license in Minnesota. My experience has been very positive. I applied online through Pearson Vue and sent my physical application directly to the Minnesota Board. The AT&T came quickly and I tested in Illinois with the results sent to MN. I moved to Minnesota the very same day and had my results on line from the Board of Nursing within 24 hours for free. Great system!

    I've just landed a new grad residency at a suburban hospital, but it took a while. I was told too that the out of state address, plus not having past the NCLEX probably limited my applications getting into the right hands initially. I suggest not delaying any further but getting the paperwork filed and taking the NCLEX.

    Good luck!
  2. by   knbnbkrn
    Hi, I graduated from a Wi tech and took my boards in MN, I received a WI license and was able to work in MN with proof of my WI license. However, recently the hospital required me to get a MN license, easier for their recordkeeping. I easily went online and received my MN license. I could have gotten my license originally in MN but I was working in WI at that time.

    I live in Wisconsin along the st croix river and commute to Healtheast St Johns Maplewood. I work nights and the commute is not a problem, about 45 min. You can apply online at The hospital you mentioned in Woodbury is probably Woodwinds.

    Healtheast is Union and they have a great new grad program with orientation and continued classes. Benefits are great. $4 night shift diff.