Advice needed for admission to the University of MN Entry level masters degree

  1. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I tried to get in to the entry level master's program and didn't even get an interview. A month later and I am sill sick about it. I have badgered admissions to give me clues as to what to do to get I. And am only getting very vague responses. I have volunteer and a bit of CNA work. I have good grades and a good resume. I still really want into the program but don't know where to go from here. I am hoping that maybe some of the people that got in have some suggestions... Anything you did that you think helped you get in. I am really at a loss now. I am willing to do what it takes but atthis point I don't even know what that is. Any suggestions or input would be helpful. Should I take some classes at the U of M - I took classes at Inver Hills CC to try to save money but maybe that was not a good plan as I have heard some school give you more credit if you went to there school. Is there a way to network with the admissions counsel? Should I go back to being a CNA or is volunteer work enough?
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  3. by   lukeslichy
    I don't have any advice specifically about U of MN but I did have a similar experience. When I was looking into schools three years ago I called them and wanted to get some information. They were not informative at all and pretty much downright rude. The truth is that it is highly competitive like any other nursing program in the cities. Many people in my classes at Inver had prior degrees, great grades and could not get into that program. My best advice is to start applying to other programs like Inver's program. If you get an associates RN then you can get your BSN and Masters (if you want to do that) online while working and have your place of work either pay for it or help pay for it. I know the MN school of business also offers a BSN program that you can do in 3 years (no breaks for summers) but that option will be very expensive. Good luck to you!
  4. by   MN-MN
    If you're serious about getting in, you should meet with someone on the admissions committee. They denied your application, so they should be able to tell you exactly where you need to improve your application.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    I would question what your undergraduate major was?