Accepted to North Hennepin for Fall, anyone else? Accepted to North Hennepin for Fall, anyone else? | allnurses

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Accepted to North Hennepin for Fall, anyone else?

  1. 0 I just got my acceptance letter yesterday for North Hennepin for the fall. Did anyone else get theirs? I'm so excited!! I'm doing the night/weekend program.

    Who's with me?
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    I am also attending NHCC this fall. I will be in the same n/w program. I am going to the orientation on the 28th.

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    Me too! I will be in the E/W program as well, and going to orientation on the 28th also!!! Congrats to US!
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    Congratulations! I am attending NHCC right now and only have my science pre req's left. I'm nervous as heck about getting in for next year though!

    Any advice?
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    You need to get the highest grades possible. I know the program is getting more and more competitive. With this economy, many people are attempting to get into nursing because they think it is safe from an economic downturn.

    I have my orientation next Tuesday. I will let you know how many people applied (if they say this year) and how many were competitive.

    How many classes have you finished? What does your schedule look like for the next year? Will you be able to complete all the required prereqs by December?

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    There were 484 applicants this year. I have been told that only about 10% shouldn't be applying. So the other 90% are competitive. I would also suggest having all classes done by the end of december, at least all of the sciences and at least 3 of the generals. better chances of getting in.
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    Thanks for the responses! I am taking Micro this summer, A&P1 and Soc in the fall and A&P2 in the spring; since those are the last of my pre reqs I'll be applying at the end of January for Fall 2010 Nursing.

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    Make sure your grades are up there, especially since you are applying without having A&PII done. I don't know what your schedule it, but I took A&PI last summer, and Micro and A&PII in the Fall. That way I had all of my courses done before I even applied... It wasn't too bad taking them together in the fall. I didn't want to take my chances of not getting in because of one course not being done! Because I am not a Straight A student!!!