*Hope?* Does Mayo Clinic Accept ADN's?

  1. Hi all, I have a BA in Criminology/Philosophy and just graduated with my ADN. I live in Massachusetts and I have not sat for the boards yet. I am very interested in a job at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester.....Do you think I have any hope? Thanks so much in advance!!!!
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  3. by   Skip219

    The Mayo Clinic consists of Methodist and St. Marys hospitals. They both are Magnet designated institutions. Magnet hospitals selectively hire BSN and MSN prepared RNs.

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  4. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    No they don't.
  5. by   djuan
    Actually, they do. They just won't get hired in an ICU.
  6. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    Weird, I recall reading on their website that they don't hire ADN's at all. That was almost 2 years ago, however.
  7. by   djuan
    They say you will get hired as an ADN if you agree to your BSN in 6 years. Don't know if they hold you to it at all, but I have met plenty of people with ADN's at Mayo.
  8. by   mn_nurse
    djuan is correct. You can get hired into a pcu or floor unit as a ADN. You can even move to an ICU after a year on the floor. But, you must earn your BSN within 6 years after getting hired or you will become a PCA. We had someone on our unit that was threatened with losing her RN job if she didn't get her BSN.
  9. by   CUPCAKE111
    I used to live in Rochester,MN

    So yes they do hire nurses with ADN degree but you have to get your BSN within six years
  10. by   RNerd81
    I worked as a nurse recruiter for Mayo Rochester for over two years and continue to work as a staff nurse. Here's the scoop: The applicant pool of BSN/BAN qualified grads is huge, so preferentially these grads/applicants are selected for interview. There are also two local community colleges that have had a relationship with Mayo for decades, and are generally the only ADN grads that are hired. Should you get your BSN/BAN online, you would jump up into the preferred category, but competition is still pretty stiff, though I would certainly encourage you to apply. And, it never hurts to know someone on the inside....