Tidal Volume of and Adult Ambu Bag

  1. Hi does anyone know how much volume is given per squeeze from an adult ambu bag? Just curious and I could not seem to find this info on the manufacturer's site. I am not asking about the assessment for adequate ventilation, ie. monitoring chest rise, just the volume delivered with a full squeeze of the bag.

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  3. by   Carrig RN
    I don't know how much is delivered but I think adult ambus are 2000ml in the whole bag. Clearly we don't deliver that much volume - but a place to start...
  4. by   Scott I
    Disclaimer: I am the product manager for Ambu Inc. I'm not sure if this is in line with the forum, I apologize if not.

    However, I saw this when doing a search and thought I would answer for our company.
    Our total volume for the Ambu Spur II disposable resuscitator is 1475 ml. However the previous poster is correct, a lot of the other manufacturer's bags are 2 liters in total volume. A one hand squeeze with our resuscitator gives 800 ml. A two handed compression, which is not recommended, will give 1100 ml.

    As I'm sure you know, the AHA guidelines for resuscitation suggest that the ideal volume is 500-600 ml. However the extra volume in the resuscitator allows for a small leak around the face mask which is common.
  5. by   Five&Two Will Do
    Thank you very much