The Hopsitals that hire new grads in ICU's

  1. Hey everyone-

    Had a question for you all,

    can people out there post me a few hospitals that hire new grads to ICU's/CCU's? Especially in the Midwest area. Because other than this site, I've never heard of such a thing. Infact, Im hearing new RN grads having a hard time getting into a bigger hospital around here (even on med/surg) unless they have some experience somewhere else (i.e rural, nursing home etc..) Perhaps I live in a higher nurse population so the hospitals can be more picky... Any posts will be appreciated Thanks
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    Come to New Zealand, we take new grads in ICU in fact we are so short of nurses we will take them anywhere:chuckle

  4. by   geekgolightly
    In every major city that I know of, they hire new grads for ICU work. I have heard that some prefer new grads, because they can then raise them "right"

    I am in KC and St. Luke's is hiring out the wazoo right now, as the Neuo/Surg ICU has recently expanded.
  5. by   PennyLane
    Come to Maryland. Tons of jobs for new grads in ICU.
  6. by   PJMommy
    I'm in Omaha and, with something like a dozen metro-area hospitals, every single one hires new grads directly into ICU.

    Where are you at that you can't find the jobs in ICU?
  7. by   KatrinaPM
    I live in Michigan, Detroit area, and I have 2 standing offers for ICU positions. Now I just have to choose the best unit for me
  8. by   eborgelt
    I work at the University of Michigan Hospital and we hire new grads in many of our ICUs.