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Hello:) I need help with answering the questions for my vent training certification. I'll appreciate any help you can give. Please if you know of any websites that can help a newbie, pls send it my way. I have experience with... Read More

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    I did not reply to greygull aggressively--not sure what you are referring to.

    as for gender, it really is meaningless.

    it does not matter if greygull is male or female--the information is informative. I dont care whether greygull is male or female by any stretch of any imagination.

    i am extremely puzzled as to why the detail would matter to you or greygull.

    simply correct me if greygull is a she.

    I apologize, greygull--I did not mean to call you a 'he'.

    If the English language would produce a non-gender pronoun that is acceptable for human reference, that would be a good thing--I wouldnt have to comment on the non-issue.

    I believe the Asians have such a feature in their language--lucky them.

    I hope we can move on in regard to this gender issue, for gender sake.

    I tried to add some humour to the post--gender should screw gender.

    If this is construed as aggressive, so be it.

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    It is not a big deal, I didn't know if you had information that I was lacking. If that was the case, I would start referring to Grey Gull as male. I partially agree with you; however, I would not say that Grey Gull came out and called nurses stupid. There is truth to what Grey Gull is saying regarding a general lack of knowledge pertaining to ventilator management and the fact that ventilator management is full of peril. I will admit, my understanding of this subject was quite limited before I went to respiratory school and in fact, it is still limited in some areas.

    Forgive me for taking the "screw" comment out of context. Typically, I find things go down hill when we start throwing around words such as "screw."
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    I reviewed my post.

    I do not see where i said greygull said nurses were stupid.

    perhaps you were referring to somebody else.

    greygull has private messaged me in the past and has been extremely helpful, providing several resources.

    I was complementary and would never think greygull is stupid, but quite the contrary.

    When it comes to ventilator information, it would be more accurate to say 'nurses' are stupid as compared to an RT with the same years of experience. Therefore, it would be most illogical for me to insinuate such a thing since i am inclined to believe the beforementioned sentence. I would rather an RT manage my ventilator in transit or in the home setting than a nurse, emt, or paramedic.

    be well.

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