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  1. 0 I interviewed today for a position in the Vanderbilt University Med Ctr MICU - a job I am really, really, really, really hoping to land. The interview went well (I think.) At the end of the interview, the Nurse Manager said that as part of the 'Shared Governance' initiative, she wanted to schedule a peer interview with 2-3 staff RNs. We scheduled something for next week. I'm assuming this is a good sign? What can I expect?!

    Any advice is much appreciated!
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    Yeah. I say it's a good sign. Means at least you passed the first hurdle.

    But let me ask this. How do you know you really, really, really want this job at this facility and in this unit?

    I've always felt job interviews were a two way street. I am there interviewing for a position. And I am also there interviewing you to see if I want to work for or with you. Because without that interview and my assessment I will not know who you (that facility) is, or what there pt.-load, attitude, acumen is.

    That said, be yourself in that peer interview. It'll probably be the most cogent interview you've had.

    And good luck too!
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    I agree with you - that an interview is both for the potential employer to judge whether or not you'd be a good fit, and for you to judge whether the employer would be as well. The reason I'm so interested in the position is that I am relocating to a brand new state (TN) and also have been looking to transition into critical care for about a year, with no success thus far. Not to mention Vanderbilt is one of the best rated hospitals in the south.

    This site has been such a great resource. I've compiled a list of ?'s to try and prep for. Most importantly I will try to stay calm and be myself. We shall see. Thanks for the thoughts.
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    Good on you for two reasons. One, coming back here to follow up. And two, for your desire and follow thru there. Tn and Vanderbilt both are good. So yes; Be yourself. I figure a peer review/interview has to be kinda like an opinion paper. Best Wishes!
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    It's probably more to see if you'd be a good fit personality wise. I've heard good things about the MICU at Vandy.
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    Well I had the interview and I THINK I nailed it, which I never feel after interviews. Usually I feel as though I blew it. So we'll see. So eager to hear. Think I'll call the recruiter tomorrow and see when he thinks they'll choose a candidate.
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    Fantastic! Let us know how it goes from here!
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    Got the job! So happy! Thanks for everyone's input!
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    For you all trying to get into Vanderbilt Hospital, do you already have experience? I lived there after graduating the Vandy SON, and could not get a nursing job to save my life. Except for a SNF, which then downsized, literally, 5 RN all at once due to systemic internal restructuring. Finally found a job doing assessments for insurance companies a few years post graduation. now I am recently to NYC. ouch. much worse.

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