New to SICU: recommend books or material to prep?

  1. Hi all,

    I'll graduate this May, and I was just assigned my preceptorship in the SICU! I'm very excited, but would like to prepare as much as possible before I start. Can you all recommend any critical care books / prep materials to get my feet wet? Critical care was only quickly discussed in my nursing program, so I really want to read up on vents, swans, etc. Any other advice please let me know!! I'd appreciate any of the help you all can offer. Also, if any SICU nurses want to tell me a little about their day's work, I'd really appreciate it. I don't quite know what to expect!

    Thanks in advance all for the help
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  3. by   fiveofpeep
    I'm studying for the CCRN now and I wish I would have gotten Pass CCRN when I first started SICU. It is so in depth and has a lot of tables and goes above and beyond.

    Most units have the AACN Procedures Manual. Make that book your friend too.

    Oh and let's see, my day goes like this:
    • come in at 1845
    • review h&p, notes, xrays, med schedules, labs
    • get report
    • do a neuro check with offgoing nurse if I have a neuro patient
    • glance at the monitors to establish a baseline and prioritize
    • assess my most critical patient first
    • assess next patient
    • call doctors if needed before it gets too late
    • chart my assessments, vitals
    • 2100 pass meds for 2000 and 2200
    • chart some more
    • do bed baths early on in the night
    • neuro assessments hourly and chart them
    • full assessments bihourly and chart them
    • blood sugars q6h, usually at 1800, MN, and 0600
    • write a note for each patient around MN and pend it...change it if things change
    • put out fires the rest of the shift
    • 0400 draw labs
    • 00630 give report and get the heck out of there

    Good luck and make a good impression so maybe you can get hired there.
  4. by   formyinfo
    Your dedication will pay off!!! Good luck to you. I am currently a BSN student and hope to one day have the grueling schedule that you are now dealing with in preparation for CRNA school. LOL