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Murphy's Law with shift change??

  1. 0 I'm fairly new to ICU, less than a year. It seems like everyday my mornings go fairly well, but sometime around 3-4pm it all goes to hell and a hand basket and by the end of the shift I am behind and having to leave a few small things behind for the on coming nurse. I HATE leaving stuff behind. I know it's 24 hour nursing care and I wouldn't have a problem doing it occasionally, but it seems like it's everyday. I feel so disorganized and flustered. Some people seem like they just breeze through the day, have everything done, everything charted and they are right out the door. I have tried my hardest, but I can't seem to find what is putting me behind everyday in the late afternoon. Around 2pm we usually have meds due, then 4,5, and 6 meds plus accuchecks. I try to bundle the meds and do all my 16:00 charting as I'm doing those together and then bundle my accuchecks, emptying foleys, taking out the linens and the trash together but somehow I get behind. I seem to be leaving everyday around 8-8:30 because I have to stay late to finish totally my I&O's and finish my 16:00 charting.
    Does anyone have anything that helps them keep organized or any idea how I can improve on this? I'm starting to wonder if ICU just isn't a good fit for me.
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    From everything I've read here your "less than a year" is the issue. Seems like the first year is always the worst. Do you have a checklist? That seems to be what is recommended to everyone also. Good luck!
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    Have you tried doing non time sensitive tasks before that 1600 time frame? Like emptying linens and trash before you start getting busy? I work nights so 0400 is when I get really busy and I know to have my baths done before then. Also, I would ask coworkers what they do that gets them out on time.

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