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Quick question for my critical care folks..... What is your typical rates that you run midazolam gtts? I worked an agency shift last night and my patient was on 20mg/hour of midazolam and they said that was the norm for them... Read More

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    Yes...20mg/hr seems a bit high. Our usual dosage is under 10mg/hr...but we have infused more before. Usually we run our versed drips along with fentanyl drips. We also use the MAAS scale to aid us in our titration.

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    I think ours is 2-12 mg/hr. I'm in a combined adult MICU/SICU. We titrate to a RASS of -2 to -3. Usually run fentanyl with it, propofol sometimes.
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    Max is 20mg/hr. We usually have Fentanyl/Versed running and add Propofol if needed.

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