Just an update on my little ICU

  1. Well, it was what I'd call an ideal little unit. Two years on, I'd have to say it isn't. Loss of physician staff produced abysmal census, which hit before the economy went to heck, so the entire hospital is limping along and barely surviving. We've been handed new ways to work in ICU, which, by the way, still has critical patients arrive often enough. Like, 1 nurse, 1 tech. The director openly states, 1 nurse and 1 tech should do it for up to two ICU patients. Hm. Of course there is no secretary and no telemetry monitor, that's the nurse's job. (Telemetries for the rest of the hospital are in ICU.)

    I've found a new job, and I will be hanging around my old unit periodically, depending on the staffing. I don't agree to the guidelines as they are now so I just have to hope I walk into a unit full of patients, with another nurse present. Otherwise I'll be walking right back out without report. :-) Yes, I have stated my intentions to the powers that be. We will see how that goes.

    It's a very bad time for the facility, but I have only seen one administrative-level person step in to help alleviate the staffing on critical patients thus far. I can agree to work like a dog, but when admin starts making the LPN's who are ACLS trained (and really on their game) stay home so I can put my license at risk trying to do too much at once, I don't agree. I vote with my feet. Anyhow, that's my rant, er, update.
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