Good CCRN review

  1. I'm thinking of taking the CCRN. My hospital is trying to encourage it, so if you take it and pass they'll reimburse 100%. They're having a 2 day review in April but I was hoping to find some other help as well. I'd love to find a podcast or something that I can listen to while I work out. I'm fairly new to ICU, I just meet the hour requirement but I figure this is too good an opportunity to pass up.
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  3. by   getoverit
    PassCCRN. Can't remember the author's name. You can get it at any bookstore or order it online. Thick book, 1000+ questions on cd-rom, extremely detailed down to the minutia. the only drawback is that if you use the cd enough, eventually you'll start to see the same questions again.
    I used it and with a few exceptions, I thought the exam was easy.
    good luck.
  4. by   detroitdano
    Dennison is the author, that's the one I have too.
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio has the BEST CCRN review program. If you can see her live, do! She is a hoot! I went to her 2 day seminar. I also purchased her CCRN review book and her CCRN VHS tapes. EXCELLENT!!
  6. by   iCCRN
    RE: PassCCRN

    3rd ed. is the latest edition? I went Mosby site and I only found one from 2007. It seems dated?
  7. by   Shawny D
    Yes, the 3rd ed. is the lastest. The author has stated that a 4th ed. is in the works, but won't be published until May, 2012.