Brand new RN starting in the ICU in 2 weeks...

  1. Hi everyone. I just need a little support I guess. I passed my NCLEX last week, and accepted a position in my local hospital's ICU starting in a few weeks. This was my goal job, when I entered nursing, so I'm beyond excited. I had a clinical in this ICU for 240 hours working 1:1 with a preceptor, which was awesome and how I was able to enter this area fresh out of school at this hospital.
    Anyway, I'm an older and married new nurse, who went into this becuase it's my passion. Of course the money's not to shabby either, but honestly, I'm in it for my heart over the money. I'll give 110% and love the fact that I do frequent vitals and am just able to be with my patients as often as I can due to the smaller load. I don't want to be that "bad nurse" or the one "who's not cut out for ICU" and I'm scared! I'm not sure how to prepare myself before my first day. I will have a 2 week off the floor orientation in which it's a mini school review session from what I gather. So I wonder if there's anything more I should do before that?
    Also I am current with my BLS for healthcare providors, but I believe I'll need ACLS, do I do that now? Or is that something the hospital has me do? I guess I'm just looking for any words of advise anyone may have. Being the NCLEX is over, I'm a bit bored and really don't know what to do to fill my time for the next 2 weeks. Pathetic I know! Thanks for reading
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  3. by   nitronymph
    Just want to wish you good luck! There is a tremendous amount to learn in ICU so you will never be bored or at odds. Experience and learn all you can
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    Congratulations on the new job. I went to ICU fresh out of school with absolutely NO experience, was a shell shocker but after 18 years I know it was definitely the right decision. Your hospital should provide ACLS so don't worry about it. They may want you to orient for a while first before you take it. It will probably be a part of your orientation process. Good luck, enjoy your journey.
  5. by   SRNA2011
    First, I would to congratulate you on passing the NCLEX and getting your first job! I started as a New Graduate RN straight to the ICU, and yes it was a very shocking, but exciting experience in the the beginning. You mentioned you had clinical there as a student, so I am sure you will feel more adjusted there transitioning from student to RN. You will get a basic critical-care review class, like you mentioned- so I wouldn't go too crazy on trying to study and prepare beforehand. And a lot of the information you learn in class won't really make sense until you see it on the floor. You can buy a Critical Care Nursing book as a reference, there's a ton out there. I personally liked Kathy White's- Fast Facts For Critical Care. I was able to borrow this from my preceptor, but it might be a lil expensive. And like the others mentioned, your hospital should provide ACLS class for you later on so I wouldn't worry about it now. As for the meantime, I would just enjoy the free time you have off! Depending on what kind of ICU floor you will work on, the orientation/training phase can be stressful and tiring for a newbie. So take the time now to relax and do whatever you enjoy. I wish you the best in the start of your nursing career!
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    Quote from SRNA2011
    I personally liked Kathy White's- Fast Facts For Critical Care. I was able to borrow this from my preceptor, but it might be a lil expensive.
    Thanks for sharing!!! I see they have an iphone app version of this. Does anyone know if it is any good?

    I am awaiting a phone call for a job offer from the ICU where I spent my senior practicum. I went through a series of three interviews & just got my clear BG check in the mail... I love the waiting game!

    Congrats choc0late!!!! I look forward to hearing all about your experience!!! If you feel like sharing
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    Thank you everyone!