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I graduated in may and am just beginning my job search. My boyfriend has had his heart set on finding a job in California, but the posts i've read have been very discouraging. I'm considering... Read More

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    DMC and medilodge( a LTC facility )hires new grads.
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    DMC and Oakwood Hospital hiring new grads...
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    How far is flint from the detroit area?
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    aprox. an hour depending on where you are located
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    Hello there!!! I am a new grad and looking to move to the Detroit Area, I am currently applying for a few positions but have some questions. Can anyone tell me what the starting pay for BSN RN would be in that area? I really need to have some idea about this to start budgeting. Also what is the dress code at Henry Ford? Do nurses have to wear a certain color, does it depend on the floor, etc....? I am also bilingual, is there any difference in pay for being bilingual? I see some answers but are a few years old and I am hoping to get some updated information. Help please!!!!!!! thanks!

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    At Henry Ford RN's wear ceil blue except in the ER they wear navy blue. There is no difference in pay for BSN or bilingual that I am aware of.

    Henry Ford Wyandotte is hiring new grads as well.
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    Has anyone had any luck finding a position as a new grad? Does Michigan only hire BSN nurses? I am graduating in May with my ADN and starting the BSN immediately in the fall...
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    ADN nurses get hired all over MIchigan.
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    Quote from Do-over
    ADN nurses get hired all over MIchigan.
    That is good to know! I keep hearing that hospitals will not hire ADN nurses. Right now I work as an LPN in corrections, so I am also wondering if this will affect my ability to find a position once I graduate from the ADN program.