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Is there anyone else on here who is waiting for a response from WCCCD's nursing department? I applied June 30, and am going slightly crazy waiting for my acceptance/denial e-mail! Let's get to know... Read More

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    I'm in all!!!!! Received my letter this afternoon. I've been out spreading the news and thanking all my supporters. Turning in my card tomorrow maybe I will bump into a few of you. Congrats to all accepted. Don't give up for those who didn't make it this round.

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    Quote from ChefJackie
    Did any of you who got happy letters have less than 80 points?
    I had under 80. More like 70-75 I think.(**)
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    Quote from Audi5000
    Congratulations Kadambari! I suggest that every keep there Med/Math books to keep yourself familiar with that material. When I took med/Math, my teacher did tell me to keep the book because it was going to come in handy.

    I really don't know what to tell you about the Rad Tech program. Do what your heart tells you to do. I'm sure in the end you'll make the decision that makes you happy. Just let us know what you decide.
    Thanks for the congratulations! I'm happy for you too

    You don't have to pass the class with 100%. After each nursing semester you have to take a computer test. It does look like you have to pass the test with 100%.
    So this applies to every student? I had no idea about this. I am not bad in simple math but I still like room for a lil error in case I get one wrong. I'm a little scared
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    Quote from BarbellOnly
    congrats Audi5000 and Kadambari!

    kadambari thats hard, I dunno if you could swing both at the same time? and see what you like more, I'm sure thats not possible tho good luck on your decision
    Thank you!! I'm happy for you too

    I am still in total shock though. I cannot believe it. I seriously did not think I was gonna get in...I need to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming :pinches arm:: I'm fully awake lol

    I had SO many people who discouraged me along the way so this really is a huge accomplishment for me.
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    Quote from Kadambari
    Thanks for the congratulations! I'm happy for you too

    So this applies to every student? I had no idea about this. I am not bad in simple math but I still like room for a lil error in case I get one wrong. I'm a little scared
    HSC 100 is taught by one of the nursing professors. That's how I heard about it. That's why I kept my book. This is the first time I've heard you have to pass with 100%.
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    Has anyone noticed that the acceptence letter says to purchase the 5th edition of the Test Success book but the second letter says to purchase the 6th edition?
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    I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself. I have to talk to you guys because no one in my family understands how excited I am. I have worked hard, taken classes over and made lots of sacrifices. I don't know where to start. Once I see my great-niece off for her first day of pre-school I'm taking my card in. While I'm there I'm going to speak with them about my current medical condition and the possibilities that may prevent me from being at orientation. If I happen to run into one of you guys I'm the one with the stomach
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    Turned in my acceptance card and purchased my book.
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    Hey ive never posted on here but ive always lurked, ive gotten my acceptance letter also,
    i had a 63 over all on my teas, i didnt have time to study
    did all my co reqs,
    got an A in micro and psy,
    got a B in both bio's and
    a C in english 119.
    did some classes psy and english at henry ford and everything else at wcccd,
    and i also have a CNA license and am also Working in the medical field.
    Reference letters from my CNA teacher and The owner of the establishment where i work.
    Hope that helps.
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    also congrats to everyone who also got in, hope to see you all next semester! Yay!
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