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hey guys i have been reading on here for a while but have never written! i just finished applying for the fall semester and im soooo nervous! i got good points... 3.83 so i got full points there, got... Read More

  1. by   msmarcia
    What!!!!????? Ugh...i thought it was April 28th
  2. by   MrsClarkRN
    Quote from msmarcia
    What!!!!????? Ugh...i thought it was April 28th
    God I hope so!! Its been too long already!
  3. by   wcccd_rn_student
    no way..... ill call tomorrow and see if they give the same answer.... i cannot possibly take THAT long to do all of this!!!
  4. by   MrsClarkRN
    Let us know what they say!
  5. by   wcccd_rn_student
    they said sometime in may because they just finished calculating points?!?!
  6. by   msmarcia
    I just called and they said sometime in May...they are still looking at applications!!!!! Then she said wait for a letter in the mail!! I asked about it being emailed and she said "no"!!! She cant be right cuz -------- said they would b emailed! Someone else plz call and see what answer u get!!
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  7. by   MrsClarkRN
  8. by   Me2006
    welcome to wayne county !!!!
  9. by   Kadambari
    any tips for future candidates on how to make their application stand out? I am going to be applying for the Jan 2013 semester
  10. by   RN2B-72
    I am so stressed about this letter I just want a yes or no so I can relax a little, good luck to all fall 2012 hopefuls!!
  11. by   MrsClarkRN
    So much for hearing something in April
  12. by   wcccd_rn_student
    letters were sent out yesterday and usps picked the letters up today!!! which means our mailboxes should hold our future within the next couple of days!!!!
  13. by   MrsClarkRN
    Wow that's exciting!

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