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  1. Hi, I see alot of people have gotton their happy letters and was wondering did anyone NOT get theirs? I have not recieved mine and if it does not come tomorrow I am going to the school because they won't tell me over the phone if I got in or not. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. Congrats to all those that got in and to those that did not........don't give up.
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  3. by   lunden
    hi just wondering, did u ever get your happy letter? i"m an alternate so hopefully i get a spot at orientation.
  4. by   Heart_Shaped_Rocks
    No I never recieved my actual letter but I spoke with the director of nursing because Mrs. N was on vacation and I did not make it. The cut off was 55 points and I have 50.5. I am retaking A&P right now to bring my B to an A and will apply in June. I think with a 3.8, 81 net, all classes done and all done at WCCCD I have a pretty good chance. I don't get credit for Certified Medical Assistant which I think is not right but the only thing I can do about that is appeal to school and see what happens.

    I have been following the boards for over a year but just registered recently so I was happy to see you got alternet atleast. How does that work, if you don't get a spot this time are you forst for Spring 10? Congrats, I was reading how frustrated you were so atleast you are pretty close now.

    P.S I was told that they would re-mail my letter even though it was a denial but I have yet to recieve that one. I think my mailman is eating them! LOL
  5. by   lunden
    yea def.don't give up, i know from exp. it sucks taking classes over but that was what mrs.n had me do and i took 4 'C' classes over. u should b a sure bet for spring, and i don't understand why no points 4 your med. background exp. thats why it is so frustrating, bcuz it's like u don't no what the hell they want and when u have what they want it's still not good enough. if i end up not getting a spot for the fall sem. then i get booted to the spring for sure. good luck 2 u and continue to keep us all posted! gotta get 2 work

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