1. It seems that posts from WCCCD have petered out. Anyone out there that is starting Fall 2010?

    I ordered my books from Barnes and Noble online. I probably saved a couple hundred doing it that way. I have recieved tha books and went over the list a hundred to make sure the ISBN's match and all that jazz so if anyone is having problem with that let me know and I can help.

    I talked The nursing office to ask about the lab uniforms and shoes because people were talking about how they are real specific but they did not metion anything at the orientation just in the packet. The comfortable pants should be grey or black or navy blue. No decals or stripes like on the track pants and for sure nothing across the butt.

    Also they said no v-neck shirts.

    Well if you are out there let us know. And for those just getting done with their first semester let us know how it went.
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  3. by   criswithnoh
    Hmm I have a pair of darker brown sweat pants that I was hoping to use. I suppose I'll get some navy blue ones if I have to. The only thing they were specific about was that we HAD to wear plain white shoes and a plain white t-shirt.

    I've been buying previous editions of the textbooks they wanted us to buy (to save a bunch of money...like seriously). Like I bought the 7th edition of the foundations book instead of the 8th edition. Do you think it'll be that huge of a deal?

    Also, do you know what tools we'll need for lab? I know a stethoscope and a penlight but what else?