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UofM RN to MSN?

  1. 0 I've heard this was around the corner for UMICH (supposed to start next year). I spoke to a school rep during an open house recently and she even verified for me this was happening. However, I have yet to see data listed on the website and when I have contacted their admissions reps since the open house, they just say to get my info from the website. The school scrapped their RN to BSN program over a year ago since obviously it makes more sense to compete with those schools doing the RN to MSN track. Anyone else have a little more info?
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    Oh wow! I would love to go back to U of M to get my BSN once I get my ADN. I went there for a couple years for Engineering before I left. I hope this is true! :-)
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    maybe this is a silly question, but do you also earn a BSN on the MSN track? Can you have an ADN and a MSN only?