university of detroit mercy second degree program - page 23

I am thinking about going to Mercy's accelorated second degree program but I hear they lose many people during the year due to grades. Is that true? Is it too fast and should I consider a 2 year... Read More

  1. by   CDSMix
    Yes, let's do that! I'm going to barely work, I'm contingent already at my job. So I'm just going to work a few days a month just to keep employment. What about you?
  2. by   jbrown796
    Awesome! I'm going to send you my information in a personal message! And That's good, that way you can still have time to study!! I'm going to have to work I have no choice lol
  3. by   parul0122
    I applied for the Second degree BSN program in July for January 2018. I have not received any information from the University of Detroit yet. Has anyone else received anything yet? I am very anxious to receive something!!!!
  4. by   pedsrn3102
    I also have applied and still have not heard anything! I called Liz two days ago and she stated that Karin is still working on decisions and to keep an eye out in our e-mails! I did not think it would take this long, has anyone heard anything yet?