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I have been in the ADN program at Baker College of Owosso for the last two terms. I want to transfer to another school as this school does not live up to what they claimed to be about. Basically the instructors and administrators... Read More

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    Quote from LauJen
    Thanks, I think I'm going to be happy at MCC. Have you decided where you're going to go now?
    I am still looking into a few places. As of right now I am looking into Kirtland Community College of Roscommon and Saginaw Valley State University. I have all of the pre-reqs done for the program at Kirtland but cannot apply until Dec 1st. For SVSU, I still have two terms of general education classes to complete towards their BSN program. SVSU's program starts in January 2011, so this is probably where I will end up.

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    Quote from I will survive
    I have to say as I read these horror stories. I am so glad I left Baker of clinton township. I have mention above all the reasons why. But most of all I have watched a bunch of fellow friends that were accdepted into Bakers program get really screwed up with that school. I got accepted into MCC thank goodness or I would have been stuck there also. I have listen to friends cry and tell me the horror stories the same as Gypsy 76 has spoken of. I really feel bad for you but keep your head up and no matter how bad things are know you can leave and still become a nurse. A friend that was at Baker with me left when things feel apart for her and she cried and was not sure if she could go on. This is how I found out the Nursing core credits do not transfer. Since then she has moved on and sucked it up and is now attending WCCCD. you can do it it is just a little set back in the road. When you get through with all this it will be extra special. Just a small set back for your dreams. Smile you"ll do it.
    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! They are very much appreciated!
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    Best of luck to you wherever you go!! Let us know what you end up doing!

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