thinking about becoming CNA

  1. I am thinking.......

    Is it worth of getting CNA certificate? I heard that new CNA cannot find a job in Detroit or warren in year of 2013

    Also I was looking at red cross, but their classes cost for CNA is 1,250 which don't include the fee of the exam or scrub

    Any suggestion on where I take CNA test for cheap that is close to warren
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  3. by   sandy moor
    I was looking at old post where student got their CNA classes from redcross that was cheap like $600-700, but I don't know why its so expensive now. Is it because of season like winter? I hope its worth it because I really want to find a job afterward.
  4. by   MrsClarkRN
    There are CNA classes everywhere; just google where they are in your area. I took mine in Oak Park it was $575 and there are plenty CNA jobs around.
  5. by   sandy moor
    thank you soo much. I took your advice and I went to register for CNA class in Hazy Institute of Learning . Did the instructors in Hazy Institute of Learning are able to prepare you for the CNA certification exam and did they able to teach you everything that you suppose to know? They didn't give me the textbook when I register, but I will call tomorrow about it.
  6. by   MrsClarkRN
    I went to Hazy!! Lol

    -------------- is completely crazy and very strict but she is GREAT!

    When we went out to clinicals everyone was completely prepared so just bear with her!
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  7. by   sandy moor
    do Hazy Institute find jobs afterward for the students
  8. by   MrsClarkRN
    I don't think so. But I'm in contact with all the girls I was in a group with and they are all working. One at Oakwood hospital...
  9. by   g2momma
    I took the CNA course with Red Cross about 6 years ago, it was about $1000 then. I never got certified. I was able to get a job a Beaumont. I now know that Beaumont and other hospitals train you at the hospital. If you apply for the job, and get hired. Its worth saving money and looking into it. I know my floor is in need of SEVERAL Aides.
  10. by   angarner
    @g2momma how much does Beaumont start aides off at
  11. by   angarner
    It took me 3 weeks to find a job after being certified I filled an application out for Oakwood they called me 30 minutes later they are still currently hiring they have tons of openings
  12. by   sandy moor
    I apply so many places, but I didn't get any interview
  13. by   sandy moor
    what floor do they need nursing assistant? how do I apply. thank you
  14. by   sandy moor
    anybody know any places that are hiring nursing assistant in Detroit or hamtramck

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