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Hi All, I am still preparing for the TEAS test and although I have been doing pretty good on the study guide tests I just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there that has taken it. Also any helpful hints or suggestions... Read More

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    Quote from VERO2011
    I am trying to get in to the DBI program too if anybody has any info for it please send me a message i have nopre reqs i am doing that in the spring and fall but just want to know more on the entry process for the program.thanks
    the program is good so far, being the first class of course things arent going to go 100%. But I have to say that they have a pretty good start. The Director has laid a good foundation. you need English comp 1&2, 2 Algerbra classes, A& P 1& 2 (Some schools make you take Biology first, if so see if they let you test out to skip it) I think thats it.So get busy,take Half Summer & rest fall ( make sure yu get your grade before enrollment). Give yourself enough time, just incase the class is full, or you fail, (god forbid) & have to retake a course. Trust me they wont let you in until they have everything, I have seen people in tears. But the next class will enroll jan. 2012.
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    I was accepted to Detroit Business Institute and I start in January. I took all my preq. for RN but I did not get into the program with a 3.6 gpa. I can not find much information on the school and I am worried.

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