Starting Pays and O R Nsg

  1. Does anyone know the path to OR nursing if experience is required, as far as, where should I work to gain experience to get an OR position (med surg, ICU, etc); also does anyone know what the starting pay is for RNs at DMC/Sinai Grace? All help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    It is very hard to get into the OR with no experience. Once you do get in, it is a long hard orientation. Harper hospital in the DMC does hire inexperienced nurses though....but it is a terrible place to work in the OR. They have an extremely high turnover and it is a very rough place to work. I wouldn't wish it on anyone I know. That being said, the experience gained there is invaluable and you can move on to almost anywhere after it.

    Currently the bottom of the pay range in the DMC is 24.50.
  4. by   porkey2
    hey oroxyo, why is the turn over so high? i never hear good things about dmc, what ashame.
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    U Of M has an OR residency for new grads. I haven't heard good things about the work environment in the OR, but I don't know first hand.
  6. by   ORoxyO
    The DMC can be a very wonderful place to work- it just depends on where you are. I worked for the DMC in other units and loved it. The Harper OR is known for being a nasty place to work, and I have heard SG OR isn't much better.

    Reasons for high turnover?
    Poor orientation
    Nasty nasty attitudes
    Being set up for failure
    Management turning the other way and allowing it to happen. These problems have been known and brought to their attention for years.

    I could go into specifics but don't want to. Yes the OR can be a difficult place to work in general, but I have been in a few like the one I work in now and it is a nice place to work.
  7. by   porkey2
    Yeah, thats so terrible, you would think managements would do something to change that; in the end they are only losing money and good people; I would never want to work in such an environment; im not saying that something has to coddle me and hold my hand, but I would like proper training and a more friendlier envirnment; I don't know why people love to set you up for failure, not just in nursing either, my take is, there is enough out here for everyone; it sounds like they just don't care, thats not good for the staff and frankly if I was a patient and knew this information, I would never go to those hospitals.