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I applied for Wayne County Community Nursing program 01/2011. I have yet to hear from the college if accepted or not :crying2:. Has any WCCCD applicants heard back regarding their applications?... Read More

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    when you are accepted into the nursing program, do they make you get titers and vaccinations shots?
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    Yes. You have to have titres, needed vacines & drug tests. These must be done before the date the give you. I recommend getting them asap. It takes time to get results back & fill in areas(shots) needed in a timely, unstressed manner. Good luck.
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    what are some reasons for an incomplete application??

    i'm just curious how the application goes do they verify everything in their database? or just go by what you have in your application?
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    just checking to see if anyone knows if we will get acceptance/rejection letters starting in the beginning of august ?
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    bump bump anybody?
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    Judging from the patterns of past threads from the last 3 years it looks like we should receive are letters between aug19-23.
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    thanx.I'll be counting down the days..
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    Do you guys know any study guide that I can use for study TEAS test? Thanks