Port Huron Hospital?

  1. Does anyone have any valuable information regarding Port Huron Hospital? I have heard very little about the facility and have found limited information about it online. I am considering employment there, and really looking forward to getting some med/surg experience as a new nurse. Unfortunately, the hospital seems to have a bad public reputation that I was unaware of. Is anyone familiar with the working environment or how they treat the nurses? This is what really matters to me since there are rumors about any facility.:spin:
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  3. by   eatcake
    Dont do it. The nurses are responsible for everything! I mean its nuts. The nurses I am working with are great, but some do not know any better as have never worked anywhere else. Stay away. Pt ratio for work load is unreal. I have worked at other facilites and believe me you do not want to start your career at this hospital.
  4. by   Runner101
    I wish I would have read this post before I accepted a job at this hospital! I have been there about 4 months and I cannot leave the floor that I am on for another 2 months because of policy. Even when that 2 months is up there do not seem to be very many other job opportunities within the hospital for movement. I dont want to swtich to another hospital because it is a big hassel, but at this point I dont know what else to do. Does anyone have any suggestions of other hospitals in the port huron area that might be a better working environment?
  5. by   RN1982
    Henry Ford Hospital will be holding a Nursing job fair next month.
  6. by   eatcake
    I worked at Port Huron for less then a week back then. I am so glad I kept a prn postion at my old hospital, so I slipped right back in. When gas prices started to go up, I thought I would give them a try cause it was half the trip. Let me tell you, I would rather have the drive and pay for the gas. Now I am living out of state, and really miss my old hospital. How far are you from Mt.Clemens? A lot of people car pool from Port Huron. Mt Clemens General was a good place to work, and so is WB.
  7. by   RN1982
    I left WB for HFH. I think they are on a hiring freeze. I know my old unit was particularly bad when I left and even though there is new management, it's still bad, no OT for NAs or clerks and short RNs all the time.
  8. by   Runner101
    Thanks for your help, I was so unhappy at my job that I thought I had picked the wrong profession and was going to quit nursing alltogether. I have decided to give it another chance and look for another job . Thanks again
  9. by   Nurse Nair
    I know nurses who work at Port Huron Hospital's ICU and they love it. I regularly hear them go on about how they love their job, the people they work with, how much they liked the orientation to the unit, and what a great team they have there. It you are looking for an RN position in critical care I would strongly encourage you to check them out. They also have an open program as well. Feel free to contact me if you want more info.
  10. by   nurse 52
    I am skilled and over 50 years old I have been told many times Port Huron Hospital will not hire older nurses. Its true they will not, they will hire new grads before an experienced nurse over 50