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Hi Everyone: I am anticipating entering an ADN program in August 2011. I have heard from veteran nursing students that it would be most helpful to learn as much as possible about Pharmacology before entering the program. I... Read More

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    Quote from boat
    Must be funny to read my old posts because I joined AN before I entered nursing
    school and now am about to graduate. It goes so fast!
    One more book I wanted to recommend to you...Fluid and Electrolytes made incredibly easy. I used
    it all of first year and re-read it over the summer and second year as well. It is beneficial for testing purposes first
    year and for hanging iv's second year.
    Well its the same thing here... I think I've been on here since 2009. I hope my time goes fast too! Im going to check out that book, anything that will help I am willing to try. Thanks!

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