OCC LPN program

  1. Has anyone here applied for this program? I am going to an information meeting in March to find out the details.

    My question is, Do I have any chance of getting into this program based on the qualifications listed in the manual?

    If I complete all the pre-reqs will someone who is going for RN and has more classes be chosen over me? Can you

    apply for 2 programs at the same time? I have been a bit miffed at the misinformation that the school puts out

    regarding the requirements. If I went by the book, and didnt know better I wouldnt have worked so hard to keep

    my grade point up. I was in a math class with an older lady that thought all B's was going to get her a place in

    the RN program.
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  3. by   Anne36
    Wow! Sorry that was messed up.
  4. by   jazznjac
    lol....venting your frustrations is healthy :-). I suggest meeting with a counselor (you can make an appointment and they are pretty good at sticking with schedules), preferrably at Highland Lakes, but the other campuses are equally informative about the nursing programs. They should be able to differentiate between the two programs' requirements. I don't think they give 'preference'...it's pretty straightforward. And I think you can apply to both simultaneously--but double check for sure! :-)