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  1. Hello Everyone, Im New Here. Im Looking To See if Anyone Is Attending Or Have Attended Oakland University Riverview? How Was ThProgram? Was It Really Had Getting Accepted? What Was Ur School Shedule? I'm Very Interested In The Program. I'm Trying To Start Next September, So I'm Trying To Register For The Pre-reqs at a community college. Any advice?
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  3. by   dturnin
    Hi, I start the program this September. I took my pre reqs at OCC and Math and Pharm at OU. Pharm was hard as heck. You really have to study. You can do it. I love the school so far. I would say go for it. If you have any question let me know. I start Sept 4th. I'll let you know how it goes. Go on Oakland's website and you can get all the info you need. Class schedule and and all.
  4. by   MikaTheNurse
    Thank You So Much. I Talked To Someone Over The Phone and I Plan On Attending The Information Session Next Tuesday. I'm Really Excited and Nervous To Even Apply (LOL). I Have To Take The Pre-Reqs Bfor Next September. What Did You Need To Get Accepted? Was It Tough? and How Did You Pay? I Cant Believe They Dont Accept Financial Aid, Thats Such A Set Back But Ill Make It Work Some How
  5. by   shudva
    Hello there MikaTheNurse, I start Sept. 4 with dturnin. I took my pre-reqs at MCC, except the math and pharm (which has to be taken with them). As dturnin stated that class was very intense. I had little time for much of anything besides studying. I took it this summer, along with three other summer classes (I don't work) and I passed with above the minimum that was needed. It's hard, but able to be done. I like everything, thus far, and I am super excited. Our cohort will be at the school Monday-Wednesday and clinicals either Thu/Fri or Sat/Sun. You can start taking your pre-reqs prior to applying for the program. If you plan to bridge over later, I would suggest taking most of them at the community college level so you get credit for them, if you take it at OU Riverview its not transferable to any other school. I hope this info helps with your decision.
  6. by   MikaTheNurse
    Thank You So Much, Yes
  7. by   MikaTheNurse
    Thank You So Much, Yes That Was Very Helpful. What Is Dturning?
  8. by   MzNurse2be
    I just received my letter saying I was accepted today . I am super excited and ready, I already have two classes that I took at schoolcraft I just have to take Pharmacology and A&P. I plan on registering for A&P in a Monday. My friend and I are trying to go into the same cohort. I wish everyone the best of luck on becoming .
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  10. by   MikaTheNurse
    Congrats Hunny Was It Hard To Get In? Did It Take Long For You To Get The Acceptance Letter? I Plan On Attending The Information Session Tuesday. Then I'll Start The Process... I Pray I Get In, I Really Need This.
  11. by   dturnin
    Its not hard getting in once you finish your prereqs. You'll get in, I start the program this Tuesday. I got my uniforms, books, nursing supplies and bag. I'm ecited and ready to go. Go to the meeting and get all your classes done. turn all your paperwork in as soon as you can after you go to the information meeting. Good luck and hope to see you in the program. When do you plan to start?
  12. by   MikaTheNurse
    I Have To Take My Prereqs ASAP and Hopefully I Can Start In The Sept 2013 Program. I Just Wanted To See How Other Ppl Experience Went As Far As Applying To The Program. I'm Nervous and It Seems Like A lot But I'm Ready TO GO
  13. by   MikaTheNurse
    May I Asked How You Ladies Were Able To Pay For The Program? Seeing They Dont Accept Financial Aid Which Is Unbelievable.
  14. by   MzNurse2be
    They just started a loan program recently to pay for classes. I just received the flyer a couple of days ago. I work for DMC and I will use their tuition assistance program, where i pay for school and they reimburse me for every class i pass. It took like 2 1/2 weeks from the time i sent it off to get my acceptance letter. You can always take prereqs prior to acceptance though but im sure you will get in though its not really hard. I wish you luck though, maybe we'll be in the same class. If you need any help or have any more questions dont be afraid to ask.