Oakland University Nursing Second Degree

  1. I am just wondering those that are trying to apply to the program and ones that already have experinces are? I am wondering what the interview was like and if it is true that most people have to apply two times before getting in? Any feedback would be appreciated. I am just trying to get a feel of how this is going to be.
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   Ryba
    I can only speak from my experience. I earned my previous two degrees at Oakland. I had to take a couple of the pre-reqs (the other classes were I took with my first degree 20 years ago) and got A's. My background is in teaching high school science and I got in on my first application. I think they are holistic in their acceptance - looking at all factors. Interviews are short because they have so many people they interview. Know what you want to do and why and be able to express this in your essay and your interview. Good Luck!
  5. by   kvisintine
    Hi Kass1kk,

    We should be hearing something soon, right? I received a letter at the end of April from ------------ confirming that all of my pre-req grades had been received, and that I would hear from OU in June/ July (if chosen to move forward) to schedule an interview.
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    did you apply for the spring 2013 class? I received an email a few days ago and scheduled an interview and now I am beginning to freak out!
  7. by   kvisintine
    Hey blue0101... Yes, I also received an email and immediately responded!. I interviewed this passed Tuesday. Now the wait begins ;-) Good Luck, if you haven't interviewed yet!!!
  8. by   kass1kk
    What were your interviews like? What kind of gpa do both of you have?
  9. by   kvisintine
    The interview was short, but good... but I tend to talk fast when I am nervous, lol. I was the first interview scheduled for the day, arrived early and was seen right away, so I actually left the building 10 minutes after my interview was officially scheduled to start .. most of the discussion was based around my goal statement, why I wanted to go into nursing, what did I think day to day nursing encompassed, where did I see myself in 5 years, would I have the support from friends/ family as I went through the program as it will be very time consuming, ect...

    My GPA didn't come up...it is pretty good, but not perfect. My undergrad is a 3.96 and my pre-req's are a 3.78. I had a B in Micro, due to the fact that I missed several classes and in class assignments, because I was traveling out of the country for work and could not reschedule. I did make sure to explain that, but my interviewer did not seem overly concerned. She stressed that OU is looking for a well adjusted/ rounded student and grades are only a part of that. That is one of the major things that attracted me to their program... the holistic approach!

    So... now we wait to hear back;-) I think we officially hear back by mid July, right?
  10. by   blue0101
    I had my interview last week too! I did not think it was bad at all. Hopefully that is a good sign!

    I actually don't think that we will hear back until mid-August. Did someone tell you mid July? Mid-July would be way better!

    Are you registered for patho or informatics in the fall?
  11. by   Despareux
    Is this for the RN-BSN program?
  12. by   blue0101
    It is the ASDN.
  13. by   FNP or bust
    If anyone is looking, there is a facebook group for May 2015 second degree starting May 2014 obviously. Just search on Facebook.