Oakland University LPN 2012 start

  1. Got my acceptance letter for September 2012 has anyone else been accepted?
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  3. by   VeraLPN2Be
    Congratulations!! I plan on attending an informational seminarat OU Detroit Riverview for the LPN program. I am so excited. I also plan on finishing my prereqs at OCC....or maybe MCC.

    I have a few questions. What college did you attend for your prereqs? How do you like your classes and did you feel prepared for the program as far as your prereqs? What hospitals/nursing homes are your clinicals held at? Are any of your classmates over 40 y/o?

    I am so excited for you! All the best to you on your joureny!
  4. by   Sirena922
    Hey Vera!

    I did not start in September because I had not finished the pre-req's. I am attending the Riverview Institute now though, finishing all the pre-req's so that I can start in January. I had my nursing interview last week and that went well, now all I have to do is pass all the pre-req's so that I can start in January!

    I am in the Math and Pharm class now and it is a tough class, but it is doable as long as you study your buns off! This teacher is no joke!
  5. by   VeraLPN2Be
    Hey Sirena922, Wow! That's great! Will your pre-reqs transfer to OU?
  6. by   hyacinthgrl

    The program at Riverview is a good one! You must read! Set aside the time to do so- at least 6 hours/wk. If you're able to read and comprehend the textbook material AND apply that material during clinical, you will be successful. Stay to yourself, don't make too many friends because everyone who pretends to be is not.
    Make sure to take time for yourself and family each week- you'll need that to keep sane.

    Otherwise, Congratulations on your beginning while I encounter my end. I graduate on 12/12/12!
  7. by   VeraLPN2Be
    Hey hyacinthgrl, Congratulations!! You will graduate the day before my birthday!! I am so happy for you. I saw some pictures of a previous graduation on the website. I hope they post your graduation on YouTube; if so will you share the link? I have a ton of questions for your concerning the program. I am going to send you my email address, if that is okay with you. Take care again congratualtions!!
  8. by   tmj001
    I would love more information as well. I just received my acceptance letter for the September cohort. So excited!!!

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