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Im thinking of enrolling in the lpn program through Oakland University and I wanted to know if there is anyone who is in the program, how is the the program and do you think that its a good school. Its a lot cheaper than the... Read More

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    Bumping for information please!
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    I went to the info. session the month. The program is full for jan 13 but they are still accepting students for sept 13. Its approx 9500, so that's pretty good compared to those ppl going to Ohio to go to Brown Mackie as far as traveling and tuition.
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    Hey Shan, I just came across the LPN program at Riverview but all the post were over 2 years old. Glad to see a current thread. Do you have any idea how many times you attend class. I was a little confused about the schedule. it seems like the labs are offered on thurs and friday but u can opt to take them on sat and sun. whats days do u attend lecture. thanks!
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    I was just accepted to the program for the September Cohort!!! I have all of the pre-reqs completed except for the one that has to be taken there (Math and Pharmacology). I am registering for it this summer.
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    I was also accepted into Oakland Riverview LPN Program for September I am beyond excited tmj001 are you taking the Math and Pharmacology this May? And have anyone taken the Math and Pharmacology ? marysmith085@gmail.com
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    Hello, Yes I am taking Math and Pharmacology in May as well.
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    Hello again everyone. I am back to let you guys know that I passed my last pre req (Math and Pharm) for the LPN program and I received my level 2 acceptance letter on Tuesday stating that I will be starting the core nursing content on Sept 10th!!!! So excited and cannot wait! The Math and Pharm class was definitely difficult and required a lot of studying but I was able to pull it off. I now move on the Fundamentals of Nursing and Med Surg!!!!
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    Hello I was looking into the LPN program and I was wondering if anyone has completed the program? I know all LPN programs are intense but is this one better? What is the passing rate? Is the staff helpful? Can you work while you are in the program?