Oakland University ASDN Winter 2013 Interview

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    Hi All-
    I thought I would start this thread for those interviewing in the next couple of weeks for the Winter 2013 Cohort. I'm excited and nervous. My family needs this - my kids are excited mom is going back to school but would love to see mom as a nurse.
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    Good luck! I have one as well!
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    Good Luck... did you interview yet??? If so, how did it go??? I held off until submitting my application until Summer 2013 cohort, because of a scheduling conflict, but I am watching the winter cohort's activities closely. I figure that this will give me a better idea of what to expect.
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    I just had my interview yesterday. I was really nervous too but the interviewer was very nice and made me feel really relaxed. She told me that they will be contacting us in April via email. Good luck everyone
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    I had my interview a couple weeks ago as well. Have you guys heard anything yet?
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    Nothing yet - it's killing me!
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    Nothing yet for me either... it should be coming soon, right?!
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    I sure hope so!
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    Anything? Anyone? Bueller? I'm not too hopeful. All but one of my pre-reqs were from my grades earned 20 years ago when I first earned my bio degree. I want to register to retake a couple, if I can this fall.
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    The committee is meeting tomorrow (3/22). Decisions will be made by Monday and letters should go out at the end of next week or the following Monday.

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