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Hello everyone, I am currently attending University of Detroit Mercy for pre-requisites to a nursing program. Come to find out, Mercy recently got rid of their "pre-nursing" program which... Read More

  1. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    There is always NMU up in Marquette, MI. They accept 40 students for winter and 50 for the fall. I've met several people who were accepted with 3.1 and 3.2 GPAs and there are no entrance exams. I transferred there, and had little problems with transferring credits. The do require you to have 12 credits through NMU thought before htey will accept you. I am finishing up my Med/Surg semester and I can definitely say you get a very good learning experience through NMU.
  2. by   CarenRBrock
    I'm not sure if you're interested in any accelerated lpn programs, but those are also good to consider. I attend schoolcraft right now and like everyone knows the waiting list there is ridiculous so I've been looking into other options. There are schools like Nexcare at Four Chaplins in Westland off Joy Rd which is 1 year, you have to have A/P 1 and 2 before admission and they accept students once a year I believe. There us no waiting list, it is about 17,000 for everything and financial aid doesn't work for them but they do have a payment plan. There is also Owens Community College in Ohio, one in Toledo and the other in Findlay, when I called them like a month ago they do have a bunch of required pre reqs but i'm not sure about their waiting list. And last there is a school in Ohio called Athena Career Academy they don't have a waiting list but they also don't tale financial aid but personal loans are accepted, the school is about 15,000-18,000 I believe.
  3. by   alden17
    Have you considered going overseas for your 4 year Bachelors of Nursing RN degree? There is no waiting list and you can get it at a FRACTION of the cost here. They would customize the program to fit your needs. Once done, you could practice in both countries.
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  4. by   mistydbuffa
    Rochester College - BSN - Competative entrance - Nursing Admissions | Rochester College
    Oakland University - BSN - Competitive entrance -
    Oakland Community College - ADN - BSN -
    Davenport - BSN - Bachelor's Degree - College of Health Professions | Davenport University
    Macomb Community College - Macomb Community College - Nursing
    Baker College - ADN, and ADN - BSN ladder - Nursing | Baker College

    To the best of my knowledge, all of the above programs are in the South East Michigan area, All of them are competive entrance programs, meaning your GPA, Entrance exam scores, and where you took your pre-requisite courses may factor into the decision of whether or not to accept you. Professional letters of recomendation may be required in some instances. It is also important to know which test the school uses for entrance exams. NET, KAPLAN, HESI, TEAS, etc.

    I am currently attending baker college, clinton township campus. I have completed all of my prerequisite courses, Taken my Kaplan entrance exam, submitted my application and am currently in the waiting process as are many other fellow students who I wish the best of luck to...

    As far as Baker goes, you are required to complete quite a few pre-requisite classes, all of which do not transfer, or may only transfer as an elective, etc. they incluse, A & P 1 &2, EngComp 1&2, Intro to Psych, Beginning Algebra, Public Speaking, Pathophysiology, Nutrition, Intro to Micro Biology, A computer elective course, an electronic med mecord course, Comp 1, Comp Elective, and algebra are not weighted courses for points, Comp 2, Intro to Psych, Public Speaking, are single weighted, I believe the rest are double weighted in points priority - BAKER uses a 100 points scoring system. You can get a maximum or 60 points for your GPA based on a 4.0 GPA scale. You get a maximum of 5 points for *** NOT *** transfering, withdrawing, or repeating any courses. If you repeat, withdraw, or transfer courses, you are subject to a deduction of total points. The remaining 35 points come into play when you take you KAPLAN entrance exam. The had a readmission bonus points system, however after this term it will no longer be in effect. While the Baker college information says that a minimum grade of 2.7 (b-) is required to be eligible to apply, you should not only work to achieve that grade. This program, as I am sure with any other limited enrollment program is extremely competitive. The higher your GPA, the higher your KAPLAN score, the higher your over all points will be and the more likely you will be accepted into the professional track of the program... (not in non weighted classes, a b- is acceptable due to the fact that they are not figured into your points when applying to the nursing program at baker, however if you want to transfer them later they may impact future programs. I know that the Clinton Township campus has had as many as 290 applicant for one application peroiod, though I am not sure what the low is... I do know for the fall 2012 term there was 151 applicants, I do not know the avg GPA of the students who applied, however the average for the KAPLAN was 69%....

    Macomb Community College and Oakland Community College work similarly as I have interviewed with staff at both of those schools.

    Currently out of 100 points I have 92.52 - I know there are others that have done better than I have, as they have posted their overall scored, though I am confident and hopeful that I will be accepted into the Baker college Nursing program...

    I am not sure where I will go for my BSN, however, Many schools, so long as you have an ACTIVE RN license, will accept you into their RN to BSN or ADN to BSN program.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
  5. by   amendres
    Alden- Can you tell me a little more about these nursing programs overseas? Like, what schools and where? Thanks!

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