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:spin:Hi Michiganians, (that sounds incorrect, oh well you guys are great) I know there was a long discussion last year on the issue and i wanted to find out what you guys are hearing. i contacted the person in charge of the... Read More

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    Yep I also just got that dreaded call from my caseworker also. There is no money left and due to the state budget cuts the funds they did have are going to the students that have already received funds before. Oh well I am so sick of Michigan I can't even begin to tell you, and they wonder why the state is steady declining, you can't even get funding to become marketable for employment. Do anyone know of any other programs, I only need help with about 1500 dollars to graduate from my nursing program and no I am not about to take out anymore loans and no you can not use financial aid for this program being it is exam based. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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